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3 easy way to shrink enlarged pores

3 easy way to shrink enlarged pores


This is the question I see all the time in skincare. 

Based on the research in recent studies, here are a few method that work exceptionally well to combat the appearance of enlarged pores.


1. Practice using clay mask once or twice a week

According to Dr.Schultz, excessive skin oil build up can make our pores 5 times larger.

Clay mask apparently is a natural strong secret weapon solution. It appears to be the most gentle method of exfoliation instead of using beads scrub or chemical exfoliation such as AHA/BHA. Clay mask tends to purify and unclog pores by absorbing excessive impurities, protect your skin from breakouts, promote collagen production, and give your face a fresher, healthier and natural glowing radiance. If you have sensitive skin and opting to go for a more gentle clay, opt for kaolin clay or pink clay. 


2. Practice double cleansing method at least 4-5 times a week

A good cleansing routine can help to decongest pores. We recommend our oil to milk cleanser or facial cleansing oil because oil dissolves oil - this can be helpful and sometimes even essential to the process of unclogging pores.

Gentle cleansing oil will absorbs into the skin to dissolve makeup and impurities, detoxify pores, and refine the complexion while maintaining the health of skin barrier.

hydro boost1.jpeg

3. HYDRATE, HYDRATE and HYDRATE skin always!

Apply serum and moisturiser AM and PM to prevent dry or oily skin.

Dry skin will also lead to enlarged pores due to skin produce more oil naturally to protect our skin.   

If you remember we mentioned earlier, 

"According to Dr.Schultz, excessive skin oil build up can make our pores 5 times larger. "

By applying enough hydration serum and moisturiser will prevent skin from producing more oil thus pores are less likely to look enlarged.

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