5 Power Foods for Healthy and Gorgeous skin

5 Power Foods for Healthy and Gorgeous skin
Gorgeous skin is everyone desires for. For flawless healthy skin a lot of efforts needs to be done unless you are blessed genetically. But there are certain food items that can give you a healthy and younger looking skin. These food items can also maintain your overall health not just the skin.
One of the great source of vitamin E is Almonds and it is commonly known as to how important Vitamin E can be in achieving a smoother and younger looking skin. Almonds are also a source of powerful antioxidants that can slow down aging and reverse sun damage. Almonds along with milk when made a paste can be used a s a face pack to make your skin fair.
Whether it is a health concern, anti aging benefits or overall maintenance of health salmons are included in every list which is because of their high content of Omega- 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids helps getting a younger skin and flawless complexion.
Green Tea:
Green tea and its benefits are widely known. It is a powerful antioxidant which helps removing free radicals from the body due to this it is a great anti aging beverage. Apart from the skin it benefits overall health of the body. You can simply put a green tea bag in warm water and drink it as a light refreshing beverage.


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